The Forgotten History of Muslim Scientists

The Forgotten History of Muslim Scientists [Slide Show]

Without the flourishing of science in Muslim lands in the past, the modern world might not have algorithms or algebra
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Considered by some the inventor of algebra, Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi was a Persian mathematician working at the House of Wisdom in Baghdad in the ninth century. In fact, the very name of this form of math is derived from the Arabic al-jabr, meaning “restoring,” which is how al-Khwarizmi referred to the operation of removing roots and squares from a quadratic equation by adding the same quantity to each side of the equation. And algorithms, like those devised to deliver search results on the modern Internet, derive from the Latin version of his name: Al-goritmi. You can also thank him for the modern numeral system, which is based on Hindu-Arabic numbers derived from Indian mathematics. He also contributed to astronomy, trigonometry and even geography.

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Courtesy of John L. Esposito








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