Top 30 Aphrodisiac Foods

Top 30 Aphrodisiac Foods

If you seek an all-natural way to improve your lovemaking skills,

 you need to only look into the bounty of Nature. Nature provides a host of aphrodisiacs that are scientifically proven to ward off boudoir blues. Read on!

1. Maca Roots


If you are unfazed by its humble appearance, don’t let its unattractiveness fool you. Sworn by the Peruvians to be the most powerful aphrodisiac ever, Maca roots boost sexual strength and libido. A confirmed super food, Maca roots not only add zing to any given dish, but also improve immunity and functionality.

2. Cacao


Do you ever wonder why women deem chocolates to be the next best thing to sex? It is because dark chocolate contains enough natural stimulants to fuel physical agility during the act. Just one bite is enough to release enough endorphins to delay the climax and provide enough strength to engage in a never-ending night of passion. Besides, nothing can be sexier than licking melted dark chocolate off her naked skin.

3. Chillies


When people talk of chillies setting their hearts on fire, they don’t mean it lightly. Capsaicin, the essential compound that gives heat, is responsible for an influx of endorphins. This results in heightened blood circulation, stimulated nerves and an increased heart rate. A mere bite can imitate the state of arousal and make you sweaty and excited.

4. Cardamom


With its roots in the Indian Vedas, Cardamoms are proven aphrodisiacs. Rich in cineole, a small pinch of cardamom powder is enough to release nerve stimulants to keep fuelling your passions all night long.

5. Ginger


The acrid heat of ginger not only makes for a fine cup of spiced tea, but also adds spice to your sex life. Ginger extracts induce elevated heart rates and higher body temperatures. What more can one need?

6. Pumpkin Seeds


If you hate pumpkins, then you cannot afford to hate the delicious little seeds within. These seeds are the key to let loose your inner sexual beast. Complete with large quantities of zinc and essential fatty acids, these seeds are a go-to for people seeking a raging sex life.

7. Oysters


It is easy to be judgmental about oysters because of their slimy appearance and pungent taste. But ask a Frenchman and he’d swear by its aphrodisiacal properties that can send women into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy. Loaded with zinc and monounsaturated oils, oysters aid in an unparalleled sexual experience.

8. Hemp


Hemp can easily be deemed as the magical ingredient for booming sexual health. Its multifarious uses have been aiding sexual fervour in men ever since ancient times. Extracts from its seed, sap and vine have been said to contain sufficient quantities of monounsaturated fatty acids and essential oil to aid in an electrifying sexual experience.

9. Almonds


Almonds are replete in essential oils that aid in testosterone production. The increased levels help in sustaining better intercourse and prolonged copulation. A handful of almonds consumed daily will help sustain raging libidos.

10. Garlic


Do not judge the mean little clove by its stench. Garlic contains a surprisingly high amount of allicin, which helps to regulate the flow of blood to the sexual organs. A daily dose of garlic will help boost the libido and prevent sexual fatigue.

11. Bananas


Bananas are rightfully shaped so suggestively. With the abundant content of Vitamin B6, a healthy intake of bananas helps in regulating hormones and serotonin secretion. Serotonin is mainly responsible for the euphoric feeling of complete satisfaction after intercourse. The sugar content is a careful balance of complex and simple sugars that provide you with enough energy to last all night.

12. Pomegranate Juice


If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, grab a glass of pomegranate juice immediately. The health benefits of pomegranate have been celebrated for its tendency to improve circulation and aid in proper organ development, but its aphrodisiacal qualities have been sorely undermined. A cup of pomegranate juice contains enough antioxidants to abolish free radicals from the body. This leads to better blood circulation and lasting erections.

13. Goji Berries


The deemed super foods of South East Asia, Goji Berries are natural wonders in the guise of aphrodisiacs. These sweet little nubs are packed with essential vitamins to boost testosterone and sperm production. Not only do they alter moods but also aid in better sexual arousal.

14. Ginseng


Ginseng is literally called the root of desire. Ginseng extracts have been known to initiate sexual attraction by stabilising hormone levels. A regular dose is guaranteed to set the bedroom ablaze with desire and passion.

15. Celery


Celery is a storehouse of andesterone, a pheromone that arouses sexual attraction in women. Including enough of this crunchy vegetable into your diet will ensure a raging sex life for as long as you live.

16. Gingko Biloba


This oriental herb is a natural boon for sexual productivity. Gingko Biloba is packed with essential nutrients that help in increasing fertility and aid in sexual arousal.

17. Guava


If you love guavas, then you’re in for a treat! Guavas are rich in Vitamin C and help in improving blood circulation. They also promote lasting erections. Besides, can there be anything sexier than sharing a bowl of frozen fruit salad on a sweltering summer afternoon?

18. Salmon


The wild variety is an extremely good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential oils help in proper glandular development and lead to increased response to arousal. Roll up some salmon sushi, pour a glass of wine and let passions take over.

19. Avocado


Also known as butter fruit, avocadoes are extremely rich sources of monounsaturated fats. These fats help in proper testosterone synthesis and maintain energy levels during intercourse.

20. Green Leafy Vegetables


Green leafy vegetables are fresh sources of zinc, iron and the essential vitamins that aid in proper physical development and sexual sustenance.

21. Asparagus


Asparagus has had its aphrodisiacal properties proven, ever since its use in 16th century France. Rich in potassium, thiamine, folic acid, Vitamins A, C and E, asparagus helps boost orgasms with its histamine properties.

22. Basil


A sprinkle of dried basil in your pasta is sure to send your sweetheart into a passionate frenzy. Basil is the most common, and therefore, the most effective of all aphrodisiacs. With its enchanting aroma and stimulating taste, it is said to induce passionate lovemaking. The heat from the aroma leads to the productions of powerful pheromones that build up sexual attraction in men.

23. Figs


Figs are steeped in Biblical references and historical origins and are known as the oldest aphrodisiac known to man. Not only do they improve health, they also stimulate lasting erections, delayed climaxes and increased fertility.

24. Foie Gras


This decadently exotic food is an extremely stimulating aphrodisiac at its best. Made from the liver of a fattened duck, foie gras contains sufficient quantities of iron and zinc to boost blood circulation and nerve sensitivity. This results in lasting erections and delayed orgasm.

25. Pine Nuts


Rich in essential fatty acids and iron, pine nuts have been a constant solution for men, since the medieval times. Their fatty acids help in maintaining sexual fertility, and enhancing testosterone and sperm production, resulting in overall sexual well-being.

26. Truffles


Although completely exotic and exceedingly rare, truffles are among the best dietary aphrodisiacs known to man. A small quantity grated on to your pasta will not only call for good taste, but also for raging intercourse post-consumption. Truffles heighten the skin’s sensitivity to touch, thereby making sure that the passion never dies out.

27. Wine


A glass of red wine is desire personified. The essential nutrients in wine help reduce stress, lower heart rate and stabilise hormones. Drinking a glass of red wine dulls your inhibitions and increases your libido, ensuring that the sun never sets on your passionate coupling.

28. Strawberries


These beautiful morsels are an excellent source of Vitamin C. The enchanting aroma and scintillating taste is what makes them such a powerful aphrodisiac. Try eating strawberries together; you’ll soon be consumed by a flood of passion.

29. Saffron


The extremely exotic spice is exactly what you need to stroke the flame of passion. When taken with warm milk, it is said to boost sexual energies and help you keep going all night long.

30. Honey


A fantastically rich source of boron, the sweet nectarine goodness of honey is said to boost the sex drive and induce delayed orgasms. Its rich Vitamin B content helps in producing testosterone to aid in better sexual health.

Now, one can blissfully get rid of their vials of miracle pills. With this list in hand, one might never need to surface from their eternal coitus.

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