12/220V Converter With Sine wave Output

12V to 220V AC inverter 300x181 12/220V Converter With Sine Output

How it work :
master oscillator, a voltage reference and comparator collected on DA2.
External elements DD1 and DD2 repeated internal structure of the TL494,
in the part that works is unstable at low frequencies (false positive

Further, using the low-pass filter suppresses the
upper harmonics of the PWM. LPF consists of two parts. First-DA1.1, with
a smooth lowpass characteristic curves. Second-DA1.2 notch filter with a
frequency of 150 Hz suppression. The analysis shows that the PWM
contains only odd harmonics of the first and, because such a filter is
enough to form a “beautiful” sine (oscillogram 2). And, as the level of
the first harmonic is almost linearly dependent on porosity, we obtain a
well-managed with precision sine constant component equal to 2.5 V.
Further, in addition we get the inverse sine (Pin 14 DA1.4).

DA3, DA5, VT1, VT2 assembled the first channel of the VLF class D. The
second channel, respectively, collected on DA4, DA7, VT3, VT4. At the
output of the first and second channels are formed antiphase sine wave
VLF (oscillogram 3).

The output of the transformer, a diode bridge fed on the feedback output voltage. Thus the output voltage stabilisator.

Specifications :
Input voltage 12 … 14V
output voltage 50 Hz 220 + /-2V
Max power 50W
Efficiency … 90%.