Graham E. Fuller is currently a freelance writer, analyst, lecturer and consultant on Muslim World affairs and Adjunct Professor of History at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

He obtained his BA and MA at Harvard University in Russian and Middle Eastern studies. He worked 20 years in the Foreign Service, mostly in the Muslim World, working in Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 he was chosen as the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at CIA, and in 1986 Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at CIA, with the responsibility for all national level strategic forecasting.

In 1988 Mr. Fuller resigned his government post and was attached to the RAND Corporation where he was a Senior Political Scientist for 12 years. His research was mainly on the Middle East, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and with problems of ethnicity and religion in politics. His studies for RAND corporation included a provocative 1991 study on the geopolitical repercussions of the Palestinian “Intifada”, a chain of studies on Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Algeria, the situation in Iraq, the “New Geopolitics of Central Asia” after the collapse of the USSR, and problems of democratisation in the Islamic world. He is the author of these books:

  • The Center of the Universe: the Geopolitics of Iran , Westview, 1991;
  • The Democracy Trap: Perils of the Post-Cold War World, Dutton, 1992;
  • The New Foreign Policy of Turkey: From the Balkans to Western China , (with Ian Lesser), Westview, 1993;
  • A Sense of Siege: The Geopolitics of Islam and the West , (with Ian Lesser), Westview, 1994;
  • Turkey ’s Kurdish Question (with Henri Barkey), Rowman and Littlefield, 1997;
  • The Arab Shi’a: the Forgotten Muslims (with Rend Francke), St. Martin’s, 1999;
  • The Future of Political Islam , (Palgrave, May 2003).

Articles Published:

  • Foreign Affairs : “Moscow and the Gulf War,” Summer 1991; “The Fate of the Kurds,” Spring 1993; “Persian Gulf Myths,” May 1997, “Russia’s Ruinous Chechen War,” Foreign Affairs, March-April 2000;and “The Future of Political Islam,” March 2002.
  • Foreign Policy : “The Next Ideology,” 1994.
  • The National Interest , “The Breaking of Nations,” Winter 1991/92;
  • World Policy Journal , “Redrawing the World’s Borders,”Spring 1997;

Many further articles appeared in Orbis, Current History, Middle East Insight, The Middle East Journal, Mediterranean Quarterly etc. Mr. Fuller is an op-ed contributor to The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor. He has appeared regularly on ABC’s “Nightline,” ABC Evening News, CNN, PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and Fox Television News; and comments often for BBC radio, Voice of America and others. He has an wide knowledge of foreign languages such as Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese, and is the author of the trendy book How to Learn a Foreign Language.


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